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To slide a somewhat sticky object across a flat surface.
Tom slagled his weiner across the countertop.
by Ib-ib-ibebitable October 19, 2004
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to be a real dick head
That Dr. Phil is a slagle to the MAX!
by Shmee Shmo June 02, 2009
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Anything that is soft, scared, feminine and frail. Mainly being a pussy.
Mike began to act like a Slagle when the girls came out.
by Dr. Free September 22, 2015
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A highly intelligent and mechanical master mind in the amazing world of physics. The mind of being present in a consciousness that brings the minds of others to an abrupt halt and left in the midst of doubt and explanation.
After a brief discussion you will drop all that you know and seek great wisdom and knowledge. The professor was Impressed by the amount of slagle that I had obtained.
by Awareness January 03, 2014
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