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its when you get really high and you feel like your floating.
"Damn dude we smoked so much. That was some fire weed. Im sky scraping."
by thuglife09 November 10, 2008
The act of being under the very high influence of a drug, most commonly used with marijuana.
Oh man I am so "skyscraping" right now.

by LEXER78 November 17, 2008
the act of prowling for members of the opposite sex who are significantly taller than oneself for sexual conquest.
I can see why she might be into skyscraping when she goes to bars, but I don't understand his Amazonian fetish.
by Gas Dock September 23, 2009
The act of bieng under the affect of a potent drug,most commonly used with marijuana
Oh man that weed was so dank I am so "skyscraping" right now.
by LEXER78 November 13, 2008
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