the end of all social life and probability of males getting laid as we know it.
he you coming out tonight.
i cant im playing skyrim.
by ericstotle January 09, 2012
the only game potentially more addicting than halo
Dude 1: Hey, what happened to our month-long halo marathon?

Dude 2:sorry, I was playing skyrim
by halosassin September 11, 2011
What is Skyrim? It is the Wagnerian RPG glory of standing atop High Hrothgar, fully cleansed of all annoying friends, family, relationships and other such weaknesses. Only men (and women) with nerdsome beards can taste such liberation from the Empire! Forget that lame "reality" you flounder in - For now the dragons shall be your friends! But not the Thalmor, as they totally hate you.
When Morrowind got covered in radioactive ash, I decided to sell my Gaur farm and move to Skyrim. Now I hang out in the slums of New Gnisis!
by Curt Sibling December 12, 2011
Pure awesomeness in the form of a video game, It is the 5th game in the elder scrolls series, Side effects may include: Loss of social life, Explosion of gaming device, Death, Urge to kill anything that annoys you whilst playing this game, Enlightenment and Massive nerdgasm.
guy 1: hey did you hear that skyrim is coming out?

Guy 2: what?!

Guy 1: yeah its gonna be awesome!

Guy 2: I just had a nerdgasm
by Mr.brinkley November 04, 2011
1. The greatest game in the history of mankind.
2. The most effective form of birth control to have ever been invented, the effects of which reportedly last around 300 hours.
3. An anti-depressant
4. An anti-social-life (I regret nothing)
If you want to keep your kids abstinent, give them a good computer and Skyrim. They will never leave their bedrooms again (for alternatives, see Oblivion and Morrowind).
by whattheheckisapseudonym? February 16, 2012
1.) Just simply amazing and hours of fun and happy adventures.
2.) Takes place in Skyrim, duh! Which is in Tamriel, duh!
3.) Released on an epic date of 11-11-11. Wishes come true anyone? ;]
4.) HUGE RPG game. The 5th Elder Scrolls installment after Oblivion, which was badass.
5.) A game you just can't put down. Use magic, use weapons, use dragon powers. Get married and eat apples. Kill mammoths. Capture fish in rivers. Be an assassin. Join armies. Fight skeletons. Become a vampire. Do whateva! Definitely game of the year.
skinny man: my nord is the shit
fat man: the nords are stank ass
skinny man: ur stank ass. i kick ass here in skyrim this is where i do business
by soulfaithful November 18, 2011
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