The skyhook is a move during tennis in which you give a skyhook overhead smash. It was used by Victoria Azarenka in the women's single US Open Tennis Championships in Queens City, New York.
OOOOh Theres the skyhook! With Victoria Azarenka sending it back to Serena Williams!
by MGHJKRY December 04, 2012
Scottish slang: An idiot. Someone who's daft in the head.

see rocket
"Naw I don't want to go on a weekend drinking session down in London ya skyhook. Away tae yer bed, it's 4am on a saturday morning for fuck sake."
by BuckfastTonicWine April 21, 2003
Upon fornication (usually in the shower), when the male after consuming multiple drinks gets a sensation of herculian strength while fingering a woman and proceeds to lift the woman skyward with only the use of his fingers in her vagina.
Dude, I was so into finger fucking this girl last night I sky hooked the shit out of her. I lifted her clear over my head.
by The Real Steven Segal April 21, 2010
A woman without any visable means of support; a ho'
Doris was a skyhook, we called her the "easy chair".
by Johnnana June 30, 2011
the shit that looks like its about to jump out of the toilet...this shit is a spectacle, it resembles Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's skyhook from the 1985 Lakers
Abdullah: Whats goin on T, did you see the Warriors whoop on the Lakers last night? My nigga Monte Ellis was off the hook...

Theresa: nah man, I missed it, you know with paycuts and all...I'll I had to eat was a gang of spinach and broccoli, I hit up the bathroom at the pad and fuckin dropped a skyhook like my nigga Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
by STREETLIGHTS February 26, 2010
How to answer a question when you don't know the answer.
Can also be used purely to annoy, as a way to fill space.
Isn't a bridging loan acceptable as collateral?

by Victoria January 30, 2003
Worst kind of parachute malfuntion; not only does the main parachute not deploy, a streamer but the reserve parachute becomes entangled with the main and goes either around or inside it, causing it to bend into the hook shape of the top of a question mark.
I thought he was going to make it until the reserve turned his main into a skyhook.
by Maitre D April 26, 2004

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