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Used to refer to any sort of diarrhea or violent poo. However, it is most relevant the day after a heavy night of drinking, or after eating a spicy meal.
1. Ugh, shouldn't have had all those shots last night, now I've got the skutts.

2. Don't eat too many peppers or you'll get the skutts.

3. Watch out man, the skutts will sneak up on you.
by residentargento October 05, 2010
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Slut and Skank combined. See also skut.
That bitch over there is madd skutt.
by j-rod oscar wilde December 13, 2005
1.(adj) unpopular
2. (adj)gay or homosexual
3. (n)another name for hell
That ugly ricer is skutt.

"What school didyou go to?"
"I went to Skutt."
by Thomas Hannam May 05, 2004

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