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A circle on the breast of which the nipple is center. the distance from the tip of the nipple to the edge of the erythema (the red part) is half of the radius of the skoon.
"Did you see the Skoons on that hoe?"

"time to hit the ole Skoon"
by carl weaver and arnold binks July 29, 2009
N. Short for Super Koon, one who is such a koon, that their koon-like abilities seem... super...

V.1) To Underhandedly or subvertly do or take something, usually something you're not supposed to do or have.
V.2) To half ass something

Adj. (skoony, skoonish) Describing something half-assed

Adv. (skoonadly) Having done something half-assadly
N. Don't be such a skoon, give me back my waffle you stole out of the toaster.

V.1 I skooned us some sodas from the store, and the guy didn't even see me.

V.2 You didn't clean up, all you did was skoon all the junk under the couch.

Adj. My examples for this word are all skoony.

Adv. I have skoonadly finished my urban dictionary entry.
by Daskoon June 28, 2009
to knife someone with a spoon, making it hurt more.
I had to skoon a bitch when he messed with my girl.
by Matt Pelc November 10, 2005

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