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Skoog can be applied in many ways to slutty or promiscuous women, usually the dirtiest of women.
"Man do you see all those dirty Skoogs over there??"

"The girl is such a dirty skoog"
#skoog #slut #skank #whore #woman
by jerrybean16745 March 20, 2010
one fly mack daddy
whoa that guy is on skoog alright
by Anonymous September 24, 2003
a black, musical pimp of sorts
man that fellow beez a skoog, dawg!
by thornpapdaddy July 02, 2003
synonym to the word PIMP
dude thats so skoog
dude im your sucha skoog
by hickerdicker April 14, 2005
A person that talks like hes playing video games all the time and uses the same slang terms in real life.
Oh man I pwned you in that math test

Stop being a skoog nigga!
#cunt #fucker #asshole #bitch #douchebag #annoying
by Johnathon Skoog AZ November 29, 2010
synonym to the word skeet, can be extended to mean ejaculate in certain situations
So I chose a spot on her eye and just skoog, skoog, skooged.
I skoog just looking at the chick.
#skeet #bust #splode #nut #pump
by A. Molin July 11, 2006
To stick a twig in someone's afro.
(Sticks a twig in his afro)
"Hey, man! Don't scoog mah do!"
by Dylan Hewson May 27, 2005
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