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A name given to many players of World of Warcraft that have both TUSKS and FEET. Often used as a derogatory term.
Man you're being such a skoof, get away from me you aren't getting any epix.
by RojarIsKing June 07, 2007
of or pertaining to palatial regalia

anything of or pertaining to anything at all
I'm a sKoof, you're a sKoof, here and there everyone a sKoof, sKoof..
by Mpizza February 05, 2010
skoof is the new skeet. too many people said skeet, so we needed skoof. it can mean either good or bad.
"Shit i got an F on my geometery test even though i studied"
"Dude thats hella skoof."


"Hey i got an A on my geometery test"
"Nice dude! Skoof!"
by poloplaya100 April 09, 2006
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