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Looking on the internet to find out about events, parties, clubs and gigs
What's on this weekend? Dunno, Skiddle it!
by BenSeb October 14, 2009
The act of "playing with" one's intended activity in a non committal way.
Don't skiddle with your ice cream and eat it.
by George The Robust July 19, 2011
1.) Skid marks (short to long steaks of manure) left at the bottom of a toilet bowl, normally a result of a dry dump' (manure evacuation devoid of proper water or moisture). 2.) Spackling of manure as the result of either diarrhea, extremely propelled pieces of dung, or, simply summer splashing (water and other local substances in a toilet bowl that splash one's buttocks, genitals and under thighs). 3.) Marks are normally as described in 1.) and are usually found within the surface of the toilet bowl, or the underneath rim. However, in certain cases it entails also the underside of a toilet seat, the top of the rim, and, or, the top side behind the toilet seat itself. 4.) A derogatory term used in place of the word dingleberry, or, dingleberries, inclusively.
Illegal Alien Hotel Workers: "Ay, caramba! That Gringo left mucho 'skiddles' in the crapper!!"

Maintenance Order: "Oh, by the way, Tom. When you clean the offices after hours, would you mind getting all those 'skiddles' in the execuive restroom? I appreciate it!" Said mister Ballebusder before leaving for the day.

Housewife Commiseration: "I love my husband with all my heart, but I just wish for once that he'd stop leaving so many damned 'skiddles' in the crapper! It's geee rosssss!"

High School Gossip: "Man! That Joey burned me when I bought grass from him. He's a real 'skiddles'!"
by Mike in Aurora, Colorado February 13, 2008
Scottish slang for what you're doing when you've got your hands in the washing-up sink but you're not really doing anything constructive.
"He was having a skiddle when doing the dishes."
by The man next door. June 30, 2009
noun: The sperm that exits the orifice of a woman after an ejaculation has occurred inside her.

verb: The act of sperm exiting the orifice of a woman after an ejaculation has occurred inside her.
Noun: After sex, there was skiddle on the bed.

Verb: After sex, the girl skiddled.
by Kontraz May 10, 2010
not a full fledged skid mark, but a little skid.
"omg, when my boyfriend dropped his drawers, i totally saw a skiddle on his tightie whities!"
by o2c5ft0 November 05, 2009
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