Acting in a manner that is erratic, unpredictable, or untrustworthy; accompanied by paranoia, nervousness, and fidgeting - usually associated with meth users.
"Jeez, that guy was sketchy. I bet he hasn't slept in days"
by Ryjin June 18, 2005
1. Something that seems hastily detailed, missing a few important parts. The result is something that hints at a full figure, but leads to uncertainty as to how it could fully be developed.

2. Seeming untrustworthy, or of dubious and indiscernible motive. This can be used to describe people that are difficult to be understood yet still have a layer of rationality that people can feel, but can't predict.

3. A feeling to describe a situation where you feel physical or sexual danger/unease. This results from feelings of uncertainty when you are talking with someone who is telling you that he/she is intending to act genuinely, but his/her actions do not reinforce this, and seem to reinforce the feelings of danger.

(Author: As a note of advice: if you be forthright and are daring enough to present exactly what you want and to talk about it, as well as why you do what you do, people will know what to expect and can interpret you in an understanding tone.)
1.a. That picture is quite sketchy, I think I can tell what's going on, but I'm not sure.
1.b. That guy looks kinda sketchy; I can kinda tell he's tall, but I can't see much of his face because of his posture.

2.a. John is sketchy: he looked at me in an awkward way when giving me a pick-up line. I'm not sure if he's got a weird sense of humor to make fun of his pick-up line, or if he's a rapist.
2.b. Alice is sketchy, because she always has a constant, strange grin on her face and opens her eyes wider when she jokes about sex with me.

3.a. Dominick told me that he was only interested in a non-sexual relationship, but it was a bit sketchy because he kept caressing my butt when I didn't want or expect him to.
3.b. When Brian came over to our table, he seemed kinda sketchy. He felt eager to be our friend, but his actions seemed to be of distrust and being ill-at-ease, like he might rush to defend himself.
3.c. Jackie was supposed to be calm and relaxed when she came over for lunch, but since she kept fidgeting uncomfortably in her seat like she was waiting for something, she seemed really sketchy.
by SoreThumb May 22, 2006
someone's whose true intentions are at best, questionable.
Gary is one sketchy bastard.
by DaveW June 17, 2005
1. Sketchy (adj.) Weird, Strange, Shady, Creepy

2. Sketch (n.) Person who is Sketchy

3. Sketch (v.) To creep someone out

4. Sketch (v.) To Leave without notice, Ditch
1. That guy selling watches over there is Sketchy

2. He's a total Sketch

3. Public restrooms Sketch me out

4. Where did she Sketch off to?
by That1Chick:) June 14, 2011
Almost bailing a trick, but landing it in a bizarre, abstract fashion. Generally used in skateboarding or rolling.
"Dude! That grind was pretty sketchy."
by Sonus December 12, 2003
Dangerous, esp. with regards to illegality
Buying drugs in a police station parking lot is sketchy.

That's a sketchy bridge, lets not walk across it.
by Chuck March 31, 2003
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