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A series (usually several days and nights in a row) of large predominantly gay rave events that are well publicized and frequented by middle-class gay white men.
The White Party, one of the first circuit parties, usually starts on Monday, and lasts until the following Monday.

He was so sketchy at the circuit party.
by CircuitDaddy February 04, 2004
A gay man who attends circuit parties on a regular basis. It is usually a very expensive endeavor, since tickets to the parties are generally around $100 per event, and circuit parties usually take place on three to five consecutive nights in the the same city. The term often has a negative connotation.
He's getting to be such a circuit boy! He's been to three circuit parties this month! I don't know where he gets the money, or how he holds down his job -- he can't go into work sketchy every Monday!
by CircuitDaddy February 04, 2004
A crystal methamphetamine addict. Usually their behavior is driven by paranoia and impaired perceptions of reality. They can be delusional and very dangerous.
I saw that meth fiend after Fireball. He was so sketchy, he thought his best friend was an undercover cop.
by CircuitDaddy February 04, 2004
From Sketchy + Cinderella. Among circut boys, a name usually applied to someone whose behavior is erratic from too many circuit drugs.
Look out! Sketcherella just fell through your glass-top table.
by CircuitDaddy February 04, 2004
Describes behavior that is erratic as a result of the use of rave/circuit party drugs (such as methamphetamine, ecstasy, ketamine, or less frequently gammahydroxybutyrate), or describes the person who exhibits the behavior.
"I saw him after the circuit party and he was big, sketchy mess."
by CircuitDaddy February 04, 2004

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