1. Something that seems hastily detailed, missing a few important parts. The result is something that hints at a full figure, but leads to uncertainty as to how it could fully be developed.

2. Seeming untrustworthy, or of dubious and indiscernible motive. This can be used to describe people that are difficult to be understood yet still have a layer of rationality that people can feel, but can't predict.

3. A feeling to describe a situation where you feel physical or sexual danger/unease. This results from feelings of uncertainty when you are talking with someone who is telling you that he/she is intending to act genuinely, but his/her actions do not reinforce this, and seem to reinforce the feelings of danger.

(Author: As a note of advice: if you be forthright and are daring enough to present exactly what you want and to talk about it, as well as why you do what you do, people will know what to expect and can interpret you in an understanding tone.)
1.a. That picture is quite sketchy, I think I can tell what's going on, but I'm not sure.
1.b. That guy looks kinda sketchy; I can kinda tell he's tall, but I can't see much of his face because of his posture.

2.a. John is sketchy: he looked at me in an awkward way when giving me a pick-up line. I'm not sure if he's got a weird sense of humor to make fun of his pick-up line, or if he's a rapist.
2.b. Alice is sketchy, because she always has a constant, strange grin on her face and opens her eyes wider when she jokes about sex with me.

3.a. Dominick told me that he was only interested in a non-sexual relationship, but it was a bit sketchy because he kept caressing my butt when I didn't want or expect him to.
3.b. When Brian came over to our table, he seemed kinda sketchy. He felt eager to be our friend, but his actions seemed to be of distrust and being ill-at-ease, like he might rush to defend himself.
3.c. Jackie was supposed to be calm and relaxed when she came over for lunch, but since she kept fidgeting uncomfortably in her seat like she was waiting for something, she seemed really sketchy.
by SoreThumb May 22, 2006
Top Definition
1) someone or something that just isnt right.
2) the feeling you get the morning after usuing a lot of drugs, most commonly associated with extacy.
3) something unsafe
4) someone or something that gives off a bad feeling
i dunno, his story sounds kind of sketchy

i cant come in to work today, im sketchy

by tardo October 05, 2003
Iffy. Questionable.
Sara is kind of a sketchy person to hang out with because she gets drunk a lot and she tends to get other people in trouble.
The directions on this worksheet are sketchy. I do not think that they are giving the correct information on how to multiply fractions.
by I_Love_Me November 08, 2004
creepy, iffy, fairly unsafe, an air of uncertainty, not kosher, and just generally something or someone that you don't want to be associated with (or really do want to be associated with, depending on who you are...)
1. That guy staring at me is really sketchy.

2. This Waffle House is really sketchy.

3. I don't know if I like Steve's driving--it's kinda sketchy.
by The President April 04, 2005
This expression was first coined in reference to hastily drawn out, or sketched, building/construction plans, which were uncertain at best and disastrous at worst. The overall thread of meaning is the same, but now applies to morality/legality. On the overall continuim of goodness, things progress, in order: safe, sketchy, shady, outright criminal.
Getting wasted and gambling away half your paycheck in Nevada may be legal, but its definitely sketchy.
by Al February 26, 2004
A really shady character, not one you would want to meet in a dark alleyway
Did you see that guy back there? He was really sketchy.
by notafanofsketchypeople November 16, 2004
1. Adj. - Describes a person that has taken too much Speed and has become untrustworthy and unpredictable.

2. Also used to describe a place or action that is worrisome or unconfortable.
1. I am not letting that Sketchy-ass Sketcher borrow my car. He's a Fuckin' Speed Freak.

2. 6th Street is pretty sketchy at night.
by Tony B. March 19, 2003
Someone who acts suspicious, unpredictable and odd in normal situations. Someone who lacks common sense and is overly secretive. Usually someone who has used a high volume of Valium.
1. Wow, that guy is so sketchy.
2. "Didn't he tell you where he was going?" "No, he just disappeared" "Well, that's just sketchy."
by djCandy13 May 27, 2013

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