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1) someone or something that just isnt right.
2) the feeling you get the morning after usuing a lot of drugs, most commonly associated with extacy.
3) something unsafe
4) someone or something that gives off a bad feeling
i dunno, his story sounds kind of sketchy

i cant come in to work today, im sketchy

by tardo October 05, 2003
To go crazy and insane. Inspired from the serial killer who killed and ate his victems. He was a crazy ass bastard...
Don't go Dahmer in the airport, dumbass.
by Tardo March 04, 2006
the taste and generally chalky feeling in your mouth when you wake up following a party. it usually results from a combination of drinking, smoking, drugs, and sometimes sex. it is extremely unpleasant
oh gross, dont come near me i have party mouth
by tardo October 05, 2003
1) The lowest form of slut. Someone who will have sex with anyone at anytime in anyplace, even though the only thing she will get in return is crabs
2) someone who is extremely unnatractive and looks like she has sex for drugs even though she most likely doesnt. often characterized by sunken eyes, a large nose, and hollowed cheeks.
pfft, that chick is such a crack whore.
by tardo October 05, 2003
an idiot, retard, someone who thinks they are an expert in a certain subject that they know nothing about
AJ said he could fix my car, but he just made it worse. what an assmonkey.
by Tardo September 28, 2003
(male) Incredibly and unbelievably homosexual
oh my god, did you see that guy? he was on fire!
by tardo October 05, 2003

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