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V. When someone, usually a bitch girl, is in a group setting and conitinues to electronically message and whisper to her other bitch friends that are also skeevers. They stay alone in the corner and do not participate in the group in any way, shape or form. They feel as though they are superior to the fellow bitches of the room. However, they are mistaken. Skeevers have no true friends and remain so prude that they will never experience a happy moment in their dying and pitiful excuses for lives. This is otherwise seen as a common practice by the prudest bitches to sadly show thier faces to other people that are so fed up with thier skeeving actions.

WARNING: Any attention or drunk hook up with these girls will result in immediate spread and expansion of the skeeving problem because they crave attention and usually fake drunkeness in order to perpetuate thier self image that is so incredibly wrong it is unbelievable.
That party last night blew ass chunks because those skeeving bitches wouldnt stop messaging each other and gossiping about thier boring lives.
by Anti-skeeving Boyz May 27, 2010
Doing something Skeevy, or giving someone the Skeeves i.e. something creepy or gross.
He was totally skeeving on her facebook pictures.

Staring at someone while touching yourself.
by Eric B 4 Pres May 18, 2009
To become extremely paranoid while under the influence of weed.
Frient 1: Hey lets go toke a bowl
Frient 2: Hold up man let's wait until the cops leave or else I'll be skeeving for days
by TRexLex14 November 14, 2012
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