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Best fucking place in the world. Has rollercoasters and overpriced soda.
"DUDE! Let's go to Six Flags and ride some stuff"
by Anonymous August 02, 2003
Long lines and overpriced food.
I waited 2 hours for a 30 second ride on the batman at Six Flags...
This disgusting pizza cost me $9.00...
by Yakyu Spirits October 28, 2007
The franchise of theme parks that features a stupid old, bald dancing freak who dances to music that is sixty years ahead of what his generation would listen to. I hate him.
Six Flags was awesome and their commercials were even good until they got that moronic old bald guy in his stupid bowtie to dance to bad music.
by Suck My Dick November 18, 2004
A cheap and legal alternative to an abortion clinic. Ride the Texas Giant 6 times in a row or until she pukes. Then leave her while you go ride other rides and molest Wonder Woman.
"Man this bia was telling me her period was late, so I took her to Six Flags. It was a nice little Sunday."
by eRoc-of-AAA December 22, 2008
Six flags is an excellent chonga and chongo sight-seeing location. Simply wear comfortable shoes, and you'll be ready to be entertained for several hours. Most commonly observed behaviors include PDA between two obese monsters, 20yrold parents screeching at their growing brood, and white hicks from Nebraska freaking the fuck out.

The rides are a cheap alternative to an abortion and/or neck injury. Afterwards, you may feel inclined to take a bath in hand-sanitizer.
"ayyyy mariaaa como was da ridezz aaa seeeex flaghhs (six flags)?" - angel
"ohhh anhelll looos ridezzz fue muchhoo divertido.. que fun!!"
by disturbed white chick October 31, 2009
ny trash meets the higher class Philadelphians. high price food immigrants...
I waited inline to ride Superman Ultimate Flight for 2 god damn hours at Six Flags, there I saw some really trash people
by asimon August 20, 2003
A sex act that entails one person taking penis from six other person(s). Originates from Six Flags themepark.
Six Flags are often given at Six Flags
by carlislejenkins August 01, 2009
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