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A cheap and legal alternative to an abortion clinic. Ride the Texas Giant 6 times in a row or until she pukes. Then leave her while you go ride other rides and molest Wonder Woman.
"Man this bia was telling me her period was late, so I took her to Six Flags. It was a nice little Sunday."
by eRoc-of-AAA December 22, 2008
A group of guys at a bar or club, all wearing Ed Hardy shirts, thought to be there getting clues to solve a crime/mystery.
(A play on words based on the Hardy Boys novels).

Ed Hardy Boyz (with a z) can be used to describe two guys at a bar or club, both wearing Ed Hardy shirts, thought to be looking for guys to wrestle for a tag team belt (based on the Hardy Boyz of WWE). You should beware of Ed Hardy Boyz around tables or ladders.
"Man look at those Ed Hardy Boys harassing that waitress, they must be interrogating her for clues."
"Uh-oh, let's stay away from those Ed Hardy Boyz, I don't want to get into a TLC (tables, ladders, and chairs) match at this bar, at least while they're playing my song."
by eRoc-of-AAA December 22, 2008
Also known as AAA.

Stands for Anal Assualt Assassins. This team of world class assassins was started in 2006 by a group of guys who devote their lives to the pillaging of unsuspecting female butts. They embrace and incourage that which is considered tabboo by most cultures; the art of buttseks. They now have a clothing line that helps raise funds to support this cause, and also donate some of these funds to support single moms "putting themselves through law school."

The leader of this clan goes by the code name MAGNUS. Rumors have spread that he has terrorized over 1,000 buttholes. He lives in the shadows of clubs and seduces his prey with superior dance moves.

Wherabouts are unknown.....
"OMG, one of those guys from Triple A totally butt raped me last night. After they were done they took me to Six Flags for some weird reason."
by eRoc-of-AAA December 22, 2008
A derogatory statement to describe the females of our species.
"You see that lady over there, don't talk to her, that's my squirrel!"
"I call dibs on all the squirrels in this bar."
"Why are you eyeballing my girlfriend? That's my squirrel bitch."
by eRoc-of-AAA December 22, 2008

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