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4 definitions by asimon

the place where if you don't like philly, you will get your ass kicked
I went to Veterans Stadium to get drunk and kick some New Yorkers ass
by asimon August 03, 2003
20 1
cutting the holes in your pocket so you can masturbate during your daily activities
Yo man i masturbated in math class and no one could tell since I made pocket holes!
by asimon August 03, 2003
4 2
fuckin jinx where the eagles and temple owls play
i may need to be intoxicated to watch this shit go on
by asimon September 16, 2003
4 4
ny trash meets the higher class Philadelphians. high price food immigrants...
I waited inline to ride Superman Ultimate Flight for 2 god damn hours at Six Flags, there I saw some really trash people
by asimon August 20, 2003
45 90