the act of creaming the thick layers of the cuntasoris
Joe: "I sistine chapeled that Huck girl last night."
Cody: "REALLY? how was she?!?"
Joe: "Just alright"
by The Pussy Monster meOWW January 01, 2011
Top Definition
the act of painting a girls vaginal walls white with your jizz
Steph said she wanted me to go deep so i gave her a Sistine Chapel just like Michaelangelo
by JizzyJake38 December 01, 2010
When you're getting a blowjob from a girl and you jizz on the roof of her mouth.
Sandy always wants me to give her a warning before I come, but fuck that. I gave her a steaming hot sistine chapel surprise. Scrape your teeth again, bitch.
by whatisdelicious May 04, 2011
Just like the Eiffel Tower, where two guys hi-five while both being pleasured by one female, the Sistine Chapel includes one more female. Both couples are in doggy style, with the girls making out in the middle, and since the guys are too far apart to hi-five, they instead resort to a finger tip touch, much like God and Adam.
"Did you hear about the orgy last night? Corey and Tyler totally pulled off the Sistine Chapel with Kendall and Bella last ."
by WP-Brotein January 25, 2016
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