Computerized people created on a game of the same name released by Electronic Arts
by star8706 February 01, 2003
Description of someone repulsive (both in personality and looks), far worse than a minger. Often smells of fish and tends to suffer with bankruptcy.
Did you see that girl? She's such a SIM!
by Anna Cordes June 06, 2010
Sim is another word used for sex in many parts of the world..
Husband: Want to have sim tonight honey?
Wife: No thanks i had sim with your brother yesterday... Woops
by Gforce1001 July 30, 2009
usually used in short text format to be a little sick in your mouth. Usually after having a shot of alcohol or downing a drink. sometimes produced from burping
little sim from 2 shots of Jäger. noooice
by wassat June 21, 2010
Short for Singapore Institute of Management. Somewhat-major school in Singapore that deals with business-related courses. Has two campuses.
To get to SIM I need to take MRT to Clementi and hop on bus 154!
by Z' June 07, 2005
acronym for Skype Instant Messenger.
Yeah, we have been SIMing all night.
by a. warman November 02, 2009
SIM acronym for "Sex in the Mouth"
"Eating that chocolate was like SIM"
by Sherrie_Lynn July 10, 2008
sim is yes!!!
Ed: You sure you want to go?
Bob: simmm
by Bruceh June 06, 2005

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