The act of making questionable decisions causing involvement by local law enforcement.
Hey man, have fun tonight, but make sure you don't get Simpsoned. I don't have time to bail you out tomorrow.
by The Simpsonator 3000 November 03, 2011
Top Definition
Being retarded enough to, in sequence, walk into a fantasy draft thinking, "This is gonna be the year," walk out of the draft thinking, "Hey, I like this team of mine," and, ultimately, sit outside of the playoffs thinking, "Fuck you Ricky Williams."
Man, Bill really sucks, he's constantly getting simpsoned in fantasy.
by Pauly's Dog December 22, 2004
The act of getting donkey Kong punched on the top of the head, gripped up by the neck and lifted off the floor , or getting your ass handed to you in general usually as a result of pissing someone off.
She came to the house so full of drama and talking so much shit! No wonder she got fucking simpsoned!
by nenakakes December 28, 2013
Being persuaded by a hooker to have sex, then finding out the hooker is really a man... but opting to let him jerk you off until bust a nut.
yo - I just got Simpsoned in the back alley...
by ryan pratt March 18, 2005
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