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One of the greatest TV programmes of all time.

Newer episode's humour levels are on a par with 'Will and Grace' and funerals.
A: Mint! The Simpsons are on tonight!
B: Yea? Which episode?
A: Aww crap it's a new one.
by Blitz-Matt February 02, 2004
When you suspect someone of being an idiot, count how many times they say 'basically' when talking.
So, basically, at the end of the day, when all's said and done, basically, my vocabluary is really really basic.
by Blitz-Matt February 02, 2004
The RAF (Royal Air Force) is Britains air force. Bombed the shit out of Nazi Berlin in WW2.
Hans: Oh shit the RAF are comin'!
Jurgen: Oh well. It's 'pull your trousers down' time boys. We're about to get royally raped.
by Blitz-Matt February 02, 2004
A small group of islands north of Europe from which the modern world was born, without which America would be called 'The United States of Spain.'

Don't bother arguing to the contrary, 'cause you know Britain has more soul.
Alan: How can such a small island do so much for the modern world?
Geoff: It's 'cos they're British!
Alan: roflmao!!!!!111 oh yea!
by Blitz-Matt February 02, 2004
A resident of Great Britain. Those living in England, N Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The greatest nation in the world.
"I don't care who wins the World Cup, as long as it's a British team."

"I say, old bean, can I buy you a pint?"
by Blitz-Matt February 02, 2004
R.I.P., Madchester.
Don't turn Madchester music into karaoke fodder.
by Blitz-Matt February 02, 2004
An advanced version of !1
ja i pwn j00 h4x0r!!!!2
by Blitz-Matt February 05, 2004
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