A great band from Montreal, Canada. They sing about things they know and don't lead fake lives like other bands. They write their own songs, play their own instruments, and are very nice to their fans. Who really cares if you dont like their songs, but just find something else in your pathetic life to do besides bash bands.
Simple Plan is a great band because they do everything for themselves and are very nice.
by Alex February 27, 2005
A band from Quebec, Canada. Lots of people give this band shit when in fact, they are writing lyrics from other people's point of view. They aren't complaining about their 'daddies rejecting them' So, it's a bad thing now that we have a band that isn't selfish I guess?
George:Have you heard of Simple Plan

Tammi:Yeah, they suck! They bitch and complain about their daddies giving them a hard life!

George:... *facepalm*
by Dododoo July 13, 2010
The greatest band ever (no matter what those motherf**king haters say)! Some of their hits include "Shut Up", "Welcome To My Life", "I'm Just A Kid", "Addicted", "Perfect", "I'd Do Anything", "Untitled", "Crazy", "When I'm Gone", "Your Love Is A Lie", "Save You" and "Generation".
tard: "simple plan are fags"
cool guy: "mother fucker! go die in a hole! SP's amazing!"
by Mrs. Lefebvre February 24, 2010
An okay band which a lot of people hate because they have nothing else to do than post amazingly long rants about how white people shouldn`t whine about life sucking. SIMPLE PLAN IS AWESOME.:)
Bob: Simple Plan SUCKS!
Tom: Why?
Bob: I don`t know!
Tom: You`re a nincompoop.
by GoodbyePani March 21, 2009
A Band that could care less about all you haters and send thier time writing music or doing what ever else musicains do.
Pierre Bouvier Quote: People that hate our band (Simple Plan), they will never hate enough to make me stop, they don't phase me. I love what I do so much and they will never stop me from doing it. No matter how loud they scream, I will scream louder and I will always be there for the people that love us.
by Emma Gamble January 23, 2008
A montreal based p unk group that is awesome and tours the world, coming 2 Australia soon.
SIMPLE PLAN ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by xox..::JaZmin::..xox September 22, 2005
A duderific punk-pop, punk revival band. Extremely good, with a cute vocalist. People like to rip the shit out of them, But those knob-jockeys should just get a life.
I wanna marry Pierre Bouvier and have his babies :D
by Emo_Me June 17, 2005
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