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what you get when you request the musical equivalent of retarded monkey shit. a disturbing fusion of hillary duff-esque poop rock and the sound of millions of cats dying of bowel cancer. favoured by people who dont even have an iota of musical taste, or thoose who believe that their middle class suburban lives are too utterly depressing and cacked in the emotional crisis of their emo boyfriends dumping them or their stupid fashion mullet haircut going horribly wrong (like it wasnt wrong in the first place) to any reasonable music to come through that dosent make me want to scratch my own face off in sheer disgust
fag- mannn i love simple plan, there songs are like- just like my life
me- what do you mean?
fag- the sing about my pain and how no one understands me
me- *stabs in mouth*
fag- *gurgles inchorenetly*
me- i see what you mean....
by sammyjay August 09, 2006

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