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6 definitions by lea_lea_lea

One of the most awesome Welsh bands to ever make it. Not just loved by emo kids.The lyrics are thought-provoking and meaningful, the riffs are stunning, the drumming is powerful, and unlike many bands, when funeral for a friend play live, they sound alot better than they do on the album, which is a rare thing. Casually dressed and deep in conversation/ Seven ways to scream your name should be in any rock fans CD collection
funeral for a friend rock! they are amazing and ive seen them 4 times live!!
by lea_lea_lea July 27, 2004
252 62
A band who are often mistaken for emo, when they are very obviously POP-PUNK. Became known when "my friends over you" was released.
new found glory? they sing 'my friends over you'
by lea_lea_lea July 27, 2004
160 73
A power-pop band whos fan base mainly contains under 14 teeny-bopper "grungers". Often mistaken for punk, however never will be. Liked/Hated mainly for their lyrics:'i'm a dick- im adicted to you' on their song "addicted" and for thier jumps in the middle of songs.
simple plan fan: 'i cant go see simple plan because the venue is over 14s only! not fair!'
by lea_lea_lea July 27, 2004
85 76
a power-pop band (no, theyre not punk), whos latest album (palm trees and power lines)was a let down compared to the stunning 'start static'. they've never made the big time for no apparent reason.
buy 'start static', burn 'palm trees and power lines'
by lea_lea_lea July 28, 2004
30 33
Unbelievably fake Canadian wannabe Rock singer, who claims to play the guitar, when infact, she can only play the chorus to her "song" (more like a cat being strangled if you ask me) 'Complicated'. Likes to pretend she loves Marilyn Manson and writes her own songs and only has Tammy-loving teeny-bopper fans. Hated by lovers of rock music and all its surrounding genres.
"i just saw some girl on tv singing badly and watching too much eyeliner"
"did she have long straight hair?"
"yeah she did"
"oh, that was Avril Lavigne then"
"listening to her made me want to kill myself"
by lea_lea_lea July 27, 2004
61 65
another wannabe rock canadian teen who cannot sing or play instruments, yet still claims to be a musician. almost as fake as Avril Lavigne
"ok, think of a canadian teen singer who sucks"
"avril lavigne?"
"gimme another one"
"erm... fefe dobson"
by lea_lea_lea July 27, 2004
17 37