A good band. No one knows what they are talking about! They have 1 song about thier dad, and then some about IMPORTANT things, like telling kids not to drink and drive! You all can freakinbg shut up, cause simple plan is a true band, not one that talks about sex and crap!
The song untitled is about drunk driving, and not to do it. Look it up! Simple Plan lost a friend to drunk driving, so they get it!
by Emily Ann September 23, 2005
another pop punk band..who i thought was good, but then got a brain!!they suck! they (just like blink and others) try to be punk...but they too dress like skaters...they dont look or soung punk!!!get a brain and listen to some good music!
you listen to simple plan right??hahahaha i bet you listen to good charlotte 2!
by ME March 15, 2004
an alternative/pop-rock band from canada.
simple plan is a band from canada. they're not half bad either.
by m. wuornos February 10, 2005
The source of it all. See Blink 182. Simple Plan is rap and hip-hop's plan to brainwash people into the mainstream. So far it is working too. Simple Plan sucks. It consists of everything Blink 182 consists of: Shitty vocals, no real guitaring skills, and a shitty drummer.

In summary: Don't waste your time here, its just more brainwashing mainstream, served up in shitty vocals and guitaring.
See Blink 182 and Sum 41
by Cain February 06, 2005
another 'trendy' band that freaks/goths/punks (posers) first love then hate because they want to fit in
they are almost exactly like Good Charlotte
freak: simple plan kicks ass
freak2: simple plan sucks
freak: simple plan are posers they suck
by the chigger April 20, 2004
An amazing band, they may sound like they think there life sucks but that is NOT true, if you think that you need to learn more about the guys themselves, they dont sing about there dads hating them your probably thinking of the song perfect but they actually love there dads, and pierres (the lead singer) dad actually drove them around when they first started. there not punk or any of that there just a GREAT band! <3
simple plan is awesome!
by Heather<3 June 19, 2006
A "pop-punk" band from Canada. SP has 5 members, David Desrosiers (the beautiful bassist... and he does backing vocals), Pierre Bouvier (lead vocals), Jeff Stinco(lead guitar), Sebastien LeFebvre(guitar), and Chuck Comeau(drums). They've had two albums out so far, "No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls" in 2002 and "Still Not Getting Any..." in 2004. Some of their singles, and most popular songs have been "I'm Just A Kid", "I'd Do Anything", "Addicted", "Perfect", "Welcome To My Life", "Shut Up!", and most recently "Untitled". There are a lot of people out there who like to dis Simple Plan on a daily basis and call them "posers" but the true fans dont care cuz to us the word "poser" is just another stupid label and we LOVE the band and their music!!
<me> Have u heard of Simple Plan??
<random person> Nope
<me> Well check them out, they're awesome!
by x_DavidIsMyOnlyOne_x August 12, 2005
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