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the most bloody amazing band ever. well one of them....best songs hey johnny park and my hero. amazingly cool lead singer Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins who is cute...
best album:the colour and the shape, then probably there is nothing left to lose.
coolest video - low IS CLASSIC with Jack Black. learn to fly is cool too though.
anyone who doesnt like this band are idiots with no taste. stupid "emo/punk" fake retards.
stupid emo wannabe - hey have u heard about that new band foo fighters?
normal person - damn u, foo fighters have been around for like 10 years. you tramp.
by cool February 15, 2005
an amazingly talented man with a be, who tragically died in 1996 from drowning in a river...beautiful songs and painfelt lyrics.
he's not that well known to alot of people, his music will live on.
man, jeff buckley is amazing.
by cool February 15, 2005
the biggest disgrace to music ever!!!!!
wow..simple plan really do suck!
by cool December 18, 2004
To accuse someone of a heinous crime by vehement assertion, often without any concrete proof.
If you want to attack a country, try to saddamize its government first.
by Cool March 05, 2004
The ultimate form of being owned. To be owned greatly.
Tim's girl ran off with a 7-year-old. He has been shffpwnd.
by cool July 24, 2004
A gay little faggot thingy magigy.
Gay poeple with toys.
by Cool June 26, 2004
A really shitty "player" of the online pimping game, IdlePimps.
Talks a lot of shit, as if he has a leg to stand on, but in reality is really a worthless piece of shit.
My name is DAshiZNIt and I think I am DA SHIT!
by Cool March 19, 2004

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