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A French Canadian band (French Canda, the worse kind of Canada) that mopes about how hard it is to be white and upper-middle class. Fuelled by teen angst and armed with extremely bad talent.
Simple Plan band member:
"You never understand me mum and dad, im going to play my guitar on the roof."
Dad of Simple Plan band member:
"But it's raining outside."
Simple Plan band member:
"Good!" *runs of sobbing with his hands in the air*
by MagnoliaFan April 11, 2005
One of the greatest bands ever that gets ridiculed by fan-boys that don't want to admit their fan-boys. They are also the best thing to come out of Canada
Simple Plan
by SHK343 June 28, 2011
Loved or hated canadian punk pop band, known for singles such as "shut Up" and "Untitled(How could this happen to me?)"

Consists of Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien LeFebvre, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, and Chuck Comeau.
'Did you go to the Simple Plan concert last night?'

'I didn't know they were in town! Bummer.'
by j'aimelescrepes July 26, 2005
Another band in the army destined to destroy what we know as music.
We need a Simple plan to kill these motherfuckers.
by Delthryn February 25, 2005
21st century pop band allegedly named punk by their enormous cult following. With their mediocre pop names and their cliche' song lyrics, they are 100% worshipped by their demographic, pre-teen and teenage preppy girls (and flamer guys.) This group of pop icons do nothing more than create crappy music (which is charged to audiences at well over $50 per ticket) and find themselves on television acting like jackasses every chance they aquire for the pleasure of their braindead viewers.
(See also: lame quotes)
by Omnicient April 12, 2005
A Band that some people like and others don't.
They are definalty NOT emo.

In my opinion, I think they are a great band, if you don't agree with me then stop bitching and keep it to yourself.

What's wrong with them playing the music that they want to? It's not up to you to decide what they play.

They band members are:
Pierre Bouvier: Lead Volals
Jeff Stinco: Lead Guitar
Sebastien Lefebvre: Guitar, Backround Vocals
David Desrosiers: Bass, Backround Vocals
Chuck Comeau: Drums

Their two albums are:
No Pads... No Helmets... Just Balls (2002)
Still Not Getting Any...
If you don't like them quit complaining and get a fucking life.
by ...Someone Else.. July 18, 2005
A Canadian band that writes songs about what had happened to them at least once before and to other people.
Don't like Simple Plan?
by Go Suck Your Mothers Balls May 13, 2011
Verb. When you start to hate your uppermiddle class life.
joe: hey mike being uppermiddle class sucks.. I might becoming a simple plan

mike: yeah so does having nothing at all and living out in the street you assburger
by That other kid May 07, 2007