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An awkward deformed mutant that is probably an extremist in his Jewish beliefs, sometimes Simeons are Buddhists, but mostly they believe in brown smelly shit. Mostly stays home all day and plays video games and pretends to be cool. Even if he tries to be good looking by working out, He's still the ugliest guy on the block.
"Ew look at that tryhard over there"

"He's the ugliest thing I have seen in my life"

"He must be a Simeon"
by gokwantootoo October 12, 2011
32 25
A fat man at work who buys stripped dress shirts at Walmart and wears tight clothes and keeps ripping them when he bends over.
Look Mom that guy bent over and pulled a Simeon.
by simeonisauglyoldfatman December 18, 2011
11 5
The underpart of your chin that everyone has. Some may have it bigger than others.
That grandma has a huge wrinkly old Simeon!
by simeonthefatdogg4de3 December 17, 2011
10 5
A Simeon is a insect, usually found in the back garden. The term, Simeon, can also be used be used for a person who is sexually frustrated, and is usually extremely unpopular. To be Simeon, is to be frigid, slow and extremely awkward.
-I saw a guy yesterday, totally Simeonish who was walking down the street, screaming "will you go out with me?!?" to every person he saw!

-What a Simeon!
by simeonfaagoottee44 December 17, 2011
10 5
(V) Used for hairy fart face extremly ugly gay guy who looks like a hobo
'Omw I think my eyes have burnt from the site of simeons face'
by ducklesss:D August 18, 2011
30 25
the pudgy person who talks a lot of mess and never backs it up. this person also has a timid personality and hangs out with a select few people of their choosing. this person can also be a instigator of many situations if your their friend they probably wont betray you but then again another trait of the Simeon is DRAMA or being DRAMATIC. so pick your Simeons wisely.
{problem creator}Simeon
by number1source May 24, 2011
34 29
one who shits on peoples chests, mainly panda bears named John, and usually during video games, such as madden and fifa
Simeon: Get shitted on!!

Simeon: would you like me to get you some toilet paper for your chest?

George: hey John, whats that brown stain on your chest?

Simeon: sure you wanna wear that shirt? i would hate to stain it

Chris: i smell shit, where's Simeon?

Simeon: just had some laxatives, im ready for fifa :)
by getshittedon! December 28, 2010
33 28