A Simeon is a insect, usually found in the back garden. The term, Simeon, can also be used be used for a person who is sexually frustrated, and is usually extremely unpopular. To be Simeon, is to be frigid, slow and extremely awkward.
-I saw a guy yesterday, totally Simeonish who was walking down the street, screaming "will you go out with me?!?" to every person he saw!

-What a Simeon!
by simeonfaagoottee44 December 17, 2011
(V) Used for hairy fart face extremly ugly gay guy who looks like a hobo
'Omw I think my eyes have burnt from the site of simeons face'
by ducklesss:D August 18, 2011
A common pet name for any abnormally large and unattractive mole usually on the facial area.
-Wow isn't Simeon the ugliest piece of ass you've ever seen?

by uglymoleholeaasoossososososbgf December 17, 2011
an immature guy with a 2 inch dick
oh man did u see that guy he was deff a simeon
by Numba1gurl October 31, 2014
A person that talks about himself in a third-person point of view. Plays soccer and sucks really bad at it like the big dick he has in his mouth when he wakes up every morning. He thinks he can beat people up but grappling and screaming stupid catch phrases isn't a form of fighting. Stalks all his friends and makes sure that they pretend to like him in return or else he'll look bad in front of women he will never get with.
Q. Have you seen Simeon? A. No he's probably sucking a dick.
by Numba1gurl October 31, 2014
To be a Simeon, means to be a wuss.

"that wasn't even that hard, what a Simeon"
by gikwanee432 August 24, 2012
a young boy who knows nothing, when he thinks he knows everything, is very short & is the same in his pants. not very likely to hook up, because tends to be very nerdy and unsocial. has big dreams for music and youtube videos but unfortunately he will not succeed in that career. he has one best friend/boyfriend/neighbor. his life revolves around texting and doing his hair and the mall. his second best friend is also a nerdy one too (with glasses). Simeon's tend to be world's biggest jerks/backstabbers. not to mention manwhores who think they get some, but haven't quite yet. :)
girl: "heyyyy! nice to meet you!"

Simeon: smiles & *runs for the door* and yells TEXT ME LATER.
by youareamanwhore333 December 17, 2011

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