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–verb (used with object)

1. to draw away or divert, as the mind or attention.
2. to provide a pleasant or unpleasant diversion.
3. the act of running up to a person and interrupting them in the middle of a conversation as a young pony without any boundaries would.
1. The constant side-ponying from her co-workers made it hard to finish a deadline on time.
2. Needing to sneak the dog past the hotel clerk, my boyfriend side-ponied her by commenting on the shoes she was wearing.
3. We would always try to act really busy when the most recent retiree stopped by because he would inevitably side-pony us with banal banter and stories of 'back-in-the-day'.
by javapunkster September 03, 2009
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Noun. Verb. Dreams. Desires. Hopes. Sandwich. However your heart interprets...
1. Dude, that was totally side-pony!
2. I was going to do my annual report report...but got side-ponied by Christian.
3. My brother is such a side-pony.
by Walter James Gunglemuth August 29, 2008
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