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That chilly, sweaty feeling you get when you get a really bad cramp and there is no toilet available, and you're pretty sure you are about to shit yourself.
Tim, did that bucket of chicken upset your delicate colon?

Yeah, get me to a bathroom quick, I got the "Shweats"
by Gummonkey September 15, 2009
sweet or awesome, tite... should be pronounced SHWEAAAAAYYYYYYT with the E and A high pitched, or SHAAWEEET
damn, that bitch badunkadunk SHAWEET!
by myerhead May 19, 2004
It's the combinatino of shit and sweat that happens the day after eating mexican food and then a full workout in humid conditions.
My ass was shweaty after the bean burritos and that marathon thru miami.
by Ricosuave July 11, 2005