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To kill; to eliminate; or destory, an opponent or enemy.
The soldier shwacked the hadji
by Blank31 September 27, 2009
To be drunk way past the point of good sense and decision making, usually leads to blacking out on ping pong tables or throwing up all over the place and forgetting to clean it up. It's the level of drunkeness where the fun has ceased and you begin to seriously regret your actions, while at the same time smiling, laughing and saying 'YOLO' with your friends, even though you know you really fucked up this time.
Dude 1: "Yo sup dude we gonna get shwacked tonight i got that absinthe"
Dude 2: "Man i cant wait hope i black out we gonna be belligerent"
Doctor: "You are both fucking retarded"
by DrinkDontDrive December 12, 2013
being completely fucked up on speed and weed..... totally indeed.
by space cadet March 10, 2005
The state of being messed up on K (Ketamine)
I did a whole gram of K thinking it was coke.
Man was I shwacked.
by TayBayBay199114 October 04, 2010
shwacked (v): the act of getting drunk
(n): alchohol
(adj): being really drunk
(v): I got hella shwacked last nite.
(n): I got some shwack in the back of the car.
(adj): Sean was so shwacked last nite.
by alejandro December 05, 2004
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