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to take a 3 to 10 second chug of hard liquor straight from the bottle in order to get significantly drunk extremely quickly.

less than three seconds is NOT a shwack.
dude, i remember taking a ten second shwack... and nothing else.
by buttholio_portfolio September 18, 2010
15 6
When a someone jack's you off and sucks your dick at the same time
This hot chick shwacked on mines
by AcIdSaMa December 31, 2011
0 4
A newbie whose presence has no purpose.
Regular hoodlum: Johnnie's such a shwack!
by Eugeni Varakin, Lucas Paulino August 23, 2009
9 13
Shwack is another way to say masturbate. My friend is named Shwack because he shwacks a lot.
i shwack two times in the morning, i shwack two times at night. I shwack two times in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright. I shwack two times in time of peice and two in time of war. I shwack to times before i shwack two times and then i shwack two more.
by Shwack September 18, 2005
12 16
To slap a hoe across the face with your wank
I totally shwacked that slut stacy last night. Left a mushroom shaped tattoo on her face and everything.
by Johnny Badass August 08, 2008
3 9
a whole shitload, usually used to describe illicit substances....or beer.
Wow! I didn't know you were gonna get a thousand pills. Dude thats a shwack of E man.
by chinesemaster8 July 26, 2006
9 15
White crust located in the corners of a mouth. Sometimes due to thirst or cottonmouth.
Matt: Yo dude, you got some shwack on your mouth.
Eric: Oh shit (wipes mouth) Thanks!
by MattyMcMutant February 05, 2010
2 9