A short way of saying Shut-up and Whatever at the same time. Must be pronounced using the same utter disdain as a 13-year-old girl would use when saying "WHATEVER!" to her mother.
Hey Kelly, I saw a bunch of our old high school friends the other day...they started a rumor that you got breast implants!?!

"SHUTEVER!...these puppies are real and they know it!"
by 11atom November 16, 2009
Top Definition
An expression of overpowering disinterest in a topic of discussion and an equally overpowering desire for the conversation to end.
Idiot: Aren't my new faded pants that are just like everyone else's new faded pants just SOOO great?!
You: Shutever.
by Ian j. Matheson April 02, 2003
a combination of the commonly used phrases shut-up and whatever. This word simply tells someone to shut-up while at the same time dismissing what they've said, hence the 'whatever'.
"I did not take the last cookie! Shutever Tony!"
by LimeGreenFlirt/HotPinkAztec August 06, 2009
1) shut up + whatever = shutever
2) a cross between shut up and whatever
Bob: Sally, you're such a kiss ass.
Sally: Shutever! I'm just doing my job, unlike SOME people...
Bob: You shutever, biatch!
by devine emo February 27, 2008
a combination of "shut up" and "whatever" used in times of frustration.
"Those jeans make your ass look fat."

"Shutever, bitch."
by Carly McCarty June 10, 2008
The combination of the words "Shut-Up" and "Whatever", meaning that you don't care what the person has to say and you want them to stop saying it
"God how could you forget that your so stupid..."
by TheISMLady February 15, 2010
term to use when one can't decide whether to say "shut up" or "whatever"
Person One: "I heard you slept with Jason last night"
by imaGINAtion December 19, 2005
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