a combination of "shut up" and "whatever" used in times of frustration.
"Those jeans make your ass look fat."

"Shutever, bitch."
#shut up #whatever #whatevs #shut it #shove it
by Carly McCarty June 10, 2008
Top Definition
An expression of overpowering disinterest in a topic of discussion and an equally overpowering desire for the conversation to end.
Idiot: Aren't my new faded pants that are just like everyone else's new faded pants just SOOO great?!
You: Shutever.
by Ian j. Matheson April 02, 2003
a combination of the commonly used phrases shut-up and whatever. This word simply tells someone to shut-up while at the same time dismissing what they've said, hence the 'whatever'.
"I did not take the last cookie! Shutever Tony!"
#shut-up #whatever #shutup #whatevs #sure
by LimeGreenFlirt/HotPinkAztec August 06, 2009
1) shut up + whatever = shutever
2) a cross between shut up and whatever
Bob: Sally, you're such a kiss ass.
Sally: Shutever! I'm just doing my job, unlike SOME people...
Bob: You shutever, biatch!
#shut up #whatever #sha #zip it #close your mouth #lock it up #shut it
by devine emo February 27, 2008
A short way of saying Shut-up and Whatever at the same time. Must be pronounced using the same utter disdain as a 13-year-old girl would use when saying "WHATEVER!" to her mother.
Hey Kelly, I saw a bunch of our old high school friends the other day...they started a rumor that you got breast implants!?!

"SHUTEVER!...these puppies are real and they know it!"
#whatever #shut-up #rumor #implants #puppies
by 11atom November 16, 2009
The combination of the words "Shut-Up" and "Whatever", meaning that you don't care what the person has to say and you want them to stop saying it
"God how could you forget that your so stupid..."
#whatever #shut up #whatev #i don't care #shut it
by TheISMLady February 15, 2010
term to use when one can't decide whether to say "shut up" or "whatever"
Person One: "I heard you slept with Jason last night"
#shut up #whatever #whatev #shutevuh #whatevuh
by imaGINAtion December 19, 2005
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