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Verb- When shum is actually leaving your body.

When describing the action of shum being deposited (with the help of gravity) on a surface lower than the orifices of origin.
Oooh, this wild sex with you is so good...oh god...BABY I'M SHUMMING!!

I accidently opened the door and saw him shumming all over the place!
by Eric the Terrible January 20, 2010
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The profound sense of shame that accompanies an ejaculation during intercourse with a partner whom the ejaculater knows he or she does not respect or wish to be involved with for a long time, despite said partner's false perception that the relationship extends beyond intercourse; to cum with shame.
She was so shallow, vain, and dumb, but so busty that I couldn't help but let myself shum into her foul mouth.

I shummed on her tits.

I spent all night shumming on her stupid ass.

I shot my shum on those pearly whites; that shumming last night drained my balls and filled my conscience with shame - gave me a set of shamesticles.
by cagedfromspace March 20, 2017
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The act of a ejaculating at the precise moment when a man initiates his bowel movement. This is a very difficult task and should be attempted with great caution.
Dan: Hey dude, is it possible to have an orgasm while pooping?
Joe: I don't know, go try.
Dan: Would that be considered shumming?
Joe: Yes.
by Shummer January 22, 2012
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The act of shitting out cum explosively.
My girl was shumming all night. It was like an ass cannon.
by Hugh Gee Rection September 01, 2007
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