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To mock a racial or ethnic stereotype, especially against an individual who may hold a stereotypical opinion, by acting out the stereotyped part in an exagerrated way.
Assumming that Felipe was part of the staff at the hotel, a well-dressed white lady approached him and mentioned a spill that occured in a nearby conference room. Felipe shucked her off with: "Oh, me sorry, me no speak inglese," then chuckled to himself as she walked off annoyed.
by C. Sandwich June 11, 2006
10 42
To 'shuck' someone would mean to fuck a girl
Example 1:
Offt, i would 'SHUCK' her!!!

Example 2:
WOW, you have 'SHUCKED' that! :o!!!
by graham123321 June 07, 2011
8 41
What is done to corn after it is removed from the stalk.
"shuck and jive": is a social activity that slaves (black employees) once participated in by large groups (before the advent of modern farm equipment used to "shuck" corn) to chat idly, gossip, or tell lies, spread rumors or (in rare cases) convey news or true, sincere feelings
by shomesomethin June 26, 2010
17 50
Noun1. A someone/something that means alot to you.

Noun2. Word used to describe someone you love.
You shuck.

He's my shuck.
by Accidentally in love January 30, 2010
2 35
The act of nailing a chick vaginally while she takes a shit
Dude Teresa is a freak!! She only lets me hit it if I shuck her. Its kinda cool though.
by bobbyp 117 December 28, 2009
5 38
To pull someone's pants down in a public place
He was shucked at the party and everyone laughed.
by HeddyLo October 25, 2009
7 40
Shuck- the combination of shit and fuck to form one mega awesome word shuck!mainly used to express extreme displeasure at the outcome of some event
stylist #1- "zach im sorry I couldnt find your favorite electric dildo bateries at teh store"

Zach Effron- "SHUCK!"
by ;lakdjf;aldkjfal;dkfjad April 05, 2009
7 40