To sneak up behind someone and pull their pants down without them knowing that u are going to do it.....resulting in complete humiliation....very funnny
OMG! She shucked me outside of the gas station and these three mexican dudes where staring and laughin at me!
by ClUrRy MUrRy October 17, 2004
verb: 1. to masturbate

syn: jerk off, spank, rub one off, whack it, quiet time
I need to go shuck after watching all that porn.
by dude November 10, 2003
the unused part a the corn; the "pealing"
I threw the shucks away.
by Alexius November 07, 2003
When someone is a Shit+Fuck or Shuck.
Combination of Shit and Fuck.
I.E. - Shucker is a Shit Fucker.
Tom Hirth is such a Shucker.
by Penis September 13, 2003
A major form of shunning, meaning you cannot talk, or use motions to communicate to anyone or anything.
You have just been shucked.

You were shunned, now you're shucked.
by prplviking007 October 26, 2011
To 'shuck' someone would mean to fuck a girl
Example 1:
Offt, i would 'SHUCK' her!!!

Example 2:
WOW, you have 'SHUCKED' that! :o!!!
by graham123321 June 07, 2011
To pull someone's pants down in a public place
He was shucked at the party and everyone laughed.
by HeddyLo October 25, 2009

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