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Said when you make a mistake.
see Shoot, dang, and darn
Shucks, I missed the bus.
by Aaron W. December 06, 2002
When someone is a Shit+Fuck or Shuck.
Combination of Shit and Fuck.
I.E. - Shucker is a Shit Fucker.
Tom Hirth is such a Shucker.
by Penis September 13, 2003
An exclamation in which the person exclaiming is completely ignorant to the word being a combination of Fuck and Shit.

Person A: Aw shucks I stubbed my toe!

Person B: You sir, use quite an amount of profanity! Bagosh!
by Samsmithistakenapparently September 27, 2010
It's what the guys in Time Crisis 2 say when they're about to be bulleted into next week?
I'm gonna die? Shucks!
by Kenthar March 19, 2003
what you say when someone kills you in mw1
*arainbowpony killed you* SHUCKS!!!
by J-J-J-JILES November 12, 2010
1.Shucks is a portmanteau of the words "shit" and "fuck". Instead of saying "shit-fuck", you'd say "shucks".
Way of expressing disappointment without saying something overtly rude.
2.Also a way of saying someone is not very good in bed.
1."Shucks, i can't believe i forgot the milk!"
"Shucks, that was a bad film."
2.Person #1- "Heard you and Stacy hooked up, how was she?"
Person #2- "She was a bit of a Shucks really..."
by Joe Wilcox June 26, 2007
To voice one's disgust or dismay toward a certain situation; a hybrid of the noun 'shit' and the verb 'fucks.' Commonly used by the elderly who prefer not to swear, it is often mistaken for facetiousness or sarcasm.
"What do you mean you lost your job? Shucks!"
by dalbort May 18, 2007