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A term used to describe a sexual act in which a man ejaculates into someone's asshole, and then sticks a straw in that asshole and sucks out the sperm.
"I gave him the Shrimp boat captain for his birthday".
by C.S.Lewis January 16, 2008
One who has mastered the art of shrimpin'
ive been shrimped before but golly that shrimp boat captain was terrific
by captain salad May 12, 2004
A term you use to call someone stupid/retarded. This refers to the famous Forrest Gump, who was retarded, and was the captain of a shrimp boat.
Fred: Tony backed into a parked car again...
Brian: What a shrimp boat captain.
by bri0n January 10, 2008
the master of shrimpin
Robbie is the shrimp boat captain of our class. He loves to shrimp
by tommy May 18, 2004