An ogre Lord who believes onions have layers. Fuck Farquard and his shitty bowl haircut cos Shrek is better m8. After watching Shrek you get the feeling to 'Shrek yourself or wreck yourself. Chose wisely.
'This my swamp' - wise words from our beloved Shrek
by Leeeeela November 16, 2014
To have multiple ways to avoid a bad situation, but take none of them, allowing the bad situation to occur. As if the intention was to actually have the bad situation occur in the first place.
"What was that guy thinking? He could have avoided jail time if he did a little community service, but he didn't and now he is in jail!"

"Yeah, he totally shrek'd it"
by cleohero September 10, 2012
Shrek is an ogre from the shrek movies that is also the leader of the illuminati and the antichrist.
Shrek is love, shrek is life.
by 000117 January 08, 2015
The creator of the life that was given to us and the creation of love.
Shrek is love, shrek is life
by shekel stealer November 16, 2014
A mixture of Lemon-Lime and grape kool-aid and nine cups of sugar
"yep im sippin on dat shrek, ppl ask him, 'um hey sir, whut iz dat ?'
itz lime itz wit grape, and 9 cups of suga,"
by Andre' February 18, 2008
Our lord and savior.
"All hail the mighty Shrek, behold all his glory as he steps into the holy swamp"
by CreepyBoboC5 May 03, 2015
he is rumored to have a 20 foot dick and his dick ogre cum tastes like onions, best kisser.
Shrek is a big fairytale
by Whitegirlstarbucks April 12, 2015
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