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Shit on a plate and use the shit as lube and fuck the partner in the ass hole while he plays Shrek The video Game
I'm Gunna SHREK the shit out of u;)
by nictendo64 September 08, 2011
An ugly girl that has dip dyed her hair brown, and thinks she has friends....she thinks that she is beautiful....she smells like onions, and talks like a hippo
"Ewwwww, I can smell shrek"
by Shrek4ever July 13, 2014
1. A word used to describe a woman's rear-end that is particularly flat, unpleasing or unattractive to look at, as opposed to the regularly used "donk".

2. The term refers to the relationship between two Disney characters, one being a donkey and the other being an unattractive ogre. The donkey or "donk" being the preferred choice of rounded, plump rear end, and the "shrek" term referring to it's polar opposite, flat rear end.

See also: pancake booty
Man, shorty over there got a donk, but her buddy got that shrek.
by jimmy beamz July 17, 2013
An ugly ogre-like monster. Known to live in swamps and eat toe-jam.
Shrek - Marisa Dickey
by Nip ples November 18, 2011
Bitter white guy with shaved head working as a short order cook in diners. Lots of social problems, mostly imagined. Perma-scowl. Slightly overweight. Between 27 and 32 years old.
Ever try to talk to that guy? Don't. He's a real Shrek.
by Preebles June 11, 2008
to mix up the facts, to cook up a story,intentionally or otherwise, as someone who got the facts mixed up. to do a shrek - to lie, to intentionally jumble up the truth so as to hid it

(in the Shrek movie, various characters of children folklore were protrayed differently from the original stories)
The judge could see through his lies, he was certainly good at doing a shrek
by KS Lim May 06, 2008
A large green nasty bowl of marajuana. It is so well packed with walk-around weed that it smokes forever. It has many layers of smoking, just like Shrek and onion have many layers.

"Buddha! You just packed a shrek!!!"
by the chene August 29, 2006