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A large ass, a fat ass.
Damn, Lisa has a shrek!
by WinterSeason May 10, 2008
a monster of a woman
Go home shrek.
by sidewaydaze562 December 16, 2002
A Person that is the shade of green.
Lionel Wagner
by Lionel Wagner May 01, 2003
when playing eucre, and in the barn, sticking the score cards behind your ears is known as "shreking it"
now we're shreking, but next point we'll win
by Craig June 27, 2004
To check one's pants for remnants of poo stains after an unexpectedly explosive fart. The word is formed from the combination of the words "shart" and "check."
You better shrek yourself before you wreck your ... undies
by Jake and Meli April 20, 2006
slang word 4 weed, mary j or wateva u guys call it.
yo dude, you wanna come chill at mine, i just bought a 20 bag of shrek.
by anonymous........ January 08, 2006
A celebrity sheep!

All the was from Godzone (New Zealand)

The Prime Minister of New Zealand prefers the company of Shrek the Sheep of the Maori (the native people) activists.

Well, who can blame her?
Baaaaaaaaaaa! Maaaaaaaaa!

Ya know, a sheep? (they go maaaa & baaa)
by Tom July 07, 2004