Butt-Ugly English Footballer Wayne Rooney a.k.a Shrek. displayed his superior ball control at the 2006 World Cup ie, stamping on some poor players balls
woa! wayne rooney can really dribble
Yea! well most retards do! and he looks like shrek!
by Tartan Terror July 29, 2006
penetrates yo ass hole and makes your but tear
shrek penetrated my but hole
by nickhoweswatermelonswag May 22, 2014
A green oger type monster featured in the film Shrek and is the main character of the movie. He marries princess fionna and lives with a donkey as well as a cat. Another name for shrek is marianna and is used to insult people.
Shrek is coming!
Omg what a shrek
by werutuku October 26, 2009
see: love
see also: life
I watched Shrek seven times today.
by Snurfsnarf September 14, 2014
Someone who is so fucking ugly, they can only be looked at in the dark.
Holy shit, it's daylight and Shrek is heading this way, run for your fucking lives.
by S. Dogg September 16, 2005
The almighty Ogre who lives in the ancient Swamps. He flies through our open windows and butt rapes us. Shrek is love. Shrek is life.
Oh my god! It's Shrek! I'M READY SHREK!
by ShrekIsReal September 20, 2014
To Shrek is to lift up your leg while walking and let off an enormous flatulent.
The room was so crowded so I Shreked and cleared the room.

I was walking in the library and couldn't stand the silence so I decided to Shrek.
by Ryanskanksy November 12, 2013

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