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1. The viscous combination of frothy fecal matter and anal lube produced by particularly vigorous acts of anal sex.

2. Rothfuss.
Bill Clinton has a notorious fetish for the frothy shpoop produced by Monica Lewinski.
by McSnootatron February 19, 2011
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A word used by the united (yet scattered) pot smokers to take the place of a "hit" of marijuanna. It can also be said as "shpoppers" for poppers (weed+tobacco), "shbong" as in a bong, or to take the place of any word at all.
1. Matt greened after he hit that shpoop.
Translation: Matt puked after he took that pail.

2. Brody brews dirty shpoops
Translation: Brody brews creamy pails

3. Brandon shpooped a ginger.
Translation: Brandon fucked a ginger.

4. Brad shpoops hard on pails
Translation: Brad trips out hard while under the influence
by dirtybong June 16, 2010
A type of bowel movement that causes the shpooper immeasurable physical and emotional trauma. A day ruiner.
"Oh man, I just shpooped all over"
"Do you need to go lay down on your stomach?"

"Do you want to go eat?"
"No, I shpooped a few hours ago and I'm just exhausted"

"Nick just broke up with his girlfriend, should we go help him?"
"Naw man, Jake is shpooping his pants and i think i saw blood, he needs our help!"

"I just shpooped."
"Let me get you a hemorrhoid pillow and a box of crayons."
by Technolo-J February 15, 2010
Shpoop (Sh-poop)
This word is used to interupt a friend or acquaintances story or conversation. This can be considered a "Dick-Head" move so use with caution and to increase effect procede to walk away immediately after stating the word.
-person A-Dude guess what, today I went to the store and I bought...
-person B-SHPOOP!!!
-person A-Wait what.
by Adrian Ogden July 04, 2010
1.) a word used to describe an unfortunate situation
2.) an insult
1.) "Wow, I did not study for our math exam today"

" Dude, you are so shpooped"
2.) "Man, you really piss me off"

" Shut up dude, you're such a piece of shpoop"
by Mr.Shpoop April 27, 2010

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