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A way to smoke marijuana.(also known as a waterfall bong and is very effective with little amount of weed) This methode involes a water bottle and a socket or bowl. The water bottle cap is melted so that the socket or bowl fits tightly no to let any air in. A small hole is then melted in the bottom of the bottle. The bowl is loaded and screwed on to the filled waterbottle. You then release the water from the hole in the bottom of the bottle. At the same time the bowl on the top is lit resulting in the smoke being pulled into the bottle.
Cody and Nolan hit pails cuz they were low on weed.
#water fall bong #waterfall bong #pails #pail #pale
by Ian4848 May 02, 2008
An easy, cheap and effective way to smoke marijuana. Most pails are made from 2 empty pop bottles that are different sizes and by cutting the top quarter off the bigger bottle and cutting the bottom quarter of the smaller bottle and placing the smaller one in the bigger one and filling it with water to almost the top and putting a bowl piece in the lid hole.

It uses gravity to fill the chamber with smoke by you pulling the small bottle out of the water while the bowl is lit.
I broke my bong so i had to make a pail but it was a great fucking pail!!!

we hit pails until we couldn't even talk anymore
#pais #hydros #buckets #water falls #water fountains #weed #marijuana #cronic #chronic #bud #dope #tree
by shizenfaust November 28, 2010
Anal passage
Her vagina was sore, so I threw one in her pail.
#ass #butt #rectum #anal #starfish
by Baldwin Stalker April 29, 2011
An object that would be a bukkit but for one or more defects in form: for example, lack of a handle, inability to hold water, or the inclusion of a lid where said object is not designed to hold perishable duz. A pail is also known as an unbukkit.
John: "Hey Bill, where's the handle on that bukkit?"
Bill: "John, you should know that if it does not have handle, it is a pail, not a bukkit!"
#bukkit #bucket #pot #vase #basket
by Bukkitrina January 22, 2012
Female genitalia, pussy, box

-Originally derived from "box", specifically lunch box then lunch pail then just...pail.
Wow, I bet that girl has a nice pail!
#pussy #vagina #lunch box #box #lunch pail
by lincoln boys July 13, 2008
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