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The act of smoking a cigarette with taking a shit.
I burned my nuts ashing while taking a shoke this morning
by Pimpfoot Jenkins November 11, 2003
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When you read so much into a conspiracy theory that you not only get woke, but you're also shook.
Dude, I've spent the last four days researching why the moon landing was faked and let me tell you, I'm shoke.
by Buzz55kill April 19, 2017
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A distinct breath with a combination of smoke and shit scents.
Man, your breath smells like shoke.
by Kimberley J July 29, 2008
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A word used when someone's joke is shit. The term is derived from the word shit and joke (sh-oke).
Karrar: I'm tired

Emi: Go to sleep then you carpet salesman

Karrar: Shoke
by karrar247 January 04, 2017
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