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The area between the shaft of the penis, and the nuts.
"I wouldn't let you drive The Judge if it was parked on my shnuts."
by SnD_Sativa April 25, 2010
When you laugh so hard that you shit and nut at the same time...
-HAHA no way dude that was the funniest thing i've ever seen!
-yeah man i almost shnut my pants.
by Stephen "papa" Youngerman April 03, 2004
:to simultaneously relieve fecal matter and ejaculate.
When Chris got his salad tossed by Candi and his knob sucked by Mandy he became so excited, he shnuted.
by McHamster March 06, 2005
Shit + Nuts = Shnuts
"Holy shnuts! "
by Bree Breeeeeeeeeee October 27, 2009