it's like a snuggle, 'cept you mean it more cuz you feel kinda like a baby while doing it. It's meant to be loving and promoting love.
"Aw, Brad!" said Macy and gave him a shuggle.
by Qw33n Kuma November 13, 2003
Top Definition
To Shnuggle, the art of a truly perfect hug. cute, and warm. or If one of the shnuggled is cold, the shnuggle warms up that person.
eg. I cant wait for thom to get here, i want to shnuggle with him
by EleKsis May 08, 2006
A perfect hug to symbolise true love. A single shnuggle with the right person can make your day!
Andy and Ellie love to shnuggle and use it as a way of expressing their love.
by Elliesmells<3 September 25, 2011
A much more silly and disorted version of <i>snuggle</i>. Generally used by younger couples who are deeply in love or by homosexuals.

Usualy found very irritating by people who do not understand it. On rare occasions, it foreshadows sex.
"I dunno about that..but i'd sure like to shnuggle you!"
by Daniel McDade April 10, 2004
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