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something that is extreme and sweet.
pretty hardcore and all that jazz.
That kid is pretty shuggle, did you see the way he stole that stuff?
by sam ferry March 04, 2008
13 6
A shag and a cuddle
I could really do with a shuggle
by betty1248 December 05, 2010
8 2
(verb) combination or blend of snuggling and hugging, used affectionately between immediate family members
(noun) activity of that above
The mother and father shuggled their toddler in the bed early saturday morning when their child came into bed with them.
by Penn Glen December 18, 2011
5 1
to want to shuggle someone or something
mate, fancy a shuggle?
by JesusChrist01 March 08, 2009
6 4
to move something slightly
i am going to shuggle the thermostat
by iwasright May 08, 2009
9 8
to huddle closely under an umbrella
i shuggle
you shuggle
he/she/it shuggles
we shuggle
they shuggle
by Grace Adams October 27, 2011
0 0
A Snuggle and Huggle at the same time
to shuggle your boyfriend or girlfriend
by ForgottenOne January 25, 2011
3 3