Derived from the word shlong (a penis). The word shling is an insulting term for an exceptionally small penis. The word was popularised by a former girlfriend of the amateur musician, Ted Hamer who ridiculed his ludicrously small member. Little wonder that he spent those long nights alone playing with his organ.
You call that a shlong! It's more of a shling!
by Ted Hamer June 21, 2004
Top Definition
The olympic sport of shoe-flinging. Works best with rubber flip flops or loose sneakers. There are 3 main categoroes for a Shling competition: Grace, Distance, and Height, with a bonus "creative" category.
Let's go play Shling on the hill! Oh crap! My shoe got caught in the tree!
by Poochyena 50HP August 14, 2007
A small to medium penis
Did you see Randy swinging his shling around at the party last night?
by blackmulan June 20, 2015
The action of taking a bong rip consisting of Marijuana.
The champ knows how to take a propper shling.
by John December 03, 2003
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