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The slang word for slang
Tyrone: Yo nigga! You gon' get geeked up on dat thizz?
Frederick: Stop speakin' in shlang nigga!
by Doopian August 27, 2009
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Russian for Hose or Hosepipe
Ivan: "Ahh Niet, Dat guy has a bigger shlang than us!"
Random Russian dude 2: "Da, he likes to spray his lawn well!"
by Andrew Wilkinson June 14, 2007
The act of selling drugs.
Me: Whats good for today g?
Homie: Another day in the shlang game bro.
by Yours truly1989 April 29, 2010
to adorn ski masks and attack your friends who are tripping on acid and are deathly afraid of aliens.'s shlangin time
by zachary geller August 11, 2010
The male member. From German die Schlange 'snake'. Used in the Pa. German area of Pennsylvania in my experience back to the 1930s.
He has a big shlang.
by DickeryDick July 26, 2009
Any slang refering to a phalice.
shlatitude and slongitude are shlang.
by Mike March 30, 2004

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